Bonepowder Kegs are an explosive found in Munch's OddyseeAbe can pick them up and throw them at enemies, and Munch can use a crane to pick up and drop them. They explode when landing and inflict large amount of damage to any creature within their blast radius, to the point of being outright lethal if dropped on Abe, Munch, Sligs, Slogs, Mudokons or Fuzzles. They can also be dropped on Land Mines to trigger an explosion so that Abe or Munch can run through before the mines regenerate, in addition to permanently removing Explosive TNT Crates.

It is thought that the Bonepowder that the kegs use is the same bonepowder used to make Soulstorm Brew. This is not only because Soulstorm Brew is often associated with explosives, but also because of an unused bulletin board within Bonewerkz describing 'Phleg's Bonepowder: For Big Time Explosive Fun'.

Bonewerkz Bulletin
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