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Big bro blitz

Armored Big Bro Slig with Blitz Packer

A Blitz Packer is an automatic gun used by Big-Bro Sligs. It uses cans of SoulStorm Brew as ammunition, the brew as shots, and brewcans as shells. Although it is a hand-held gun in the hands of a Big-Bro, it's more accurate to call this weapon a heavy machine gun. However, like plenty of the weapon vendos such as the Hack Saw and the Snuzi, it's only usable by the respective race themselves.
Blitz packer

Blitz Packer Vending Machine

The Blitz Packer is one of the most powerful infantry weapons in Oddworld and is easily the most powerful usable weapon in Munch's Oddysee. Some Big-Bros come with a Blitz Packer, but a few unarmed Big-Bros are encountered. These Big-Bros if possessed, could always find a nearby Blitz Packer vending machine nearby to stock up.
Oddworld Blitzpacker big bro

Oddworld Blitzpacker big bro

Terrible quality but that's to be expected.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the destruction of SoulStorm Brewery, it's unknown how the Blitz Packers are stocked up with so much SoulStorm Brew. (it is possible that minor distilleries and secondary chains of SoulStorm Brewery still remain in operation).
  • The average Blitz Packer is stocked with eight SoulStorm Brew canisters as ammunition. However, gameplay made it so that the Big-Bro has unlimited ammunition.
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