Beeks the Opple Farmer is a less than bright Clakker who happens to have a decent Moolah hoard in his house. He owns the Opple Farm near Buzzarton but apparently doesn't sell Opples to 'strangers'. He mistakenly hires Stranger to take care of his money and was later murdered by Meagly McGraw's gang of outlaws.


Background Edit

Beeks the Opple Farmer is the head of the Beek Clakker Household and in charge of the Opple Farm right near the outskirts of Buzzarton. He is known for being rich off of his profits and hired other Clakkerz to work on the Opple Orchids for production to the towns nearby. He appears to have a family and hides his Moolah in a secret place within his house. His farm has run down through the years; Beeks seems to be invested into his Moolah. This is proven while the other workers on the farm complain about their hardships while Beeks is inside his household; as well as having infestations of Fuzzles and Bolamites within the facilities of the fam. 

Stranger's Wrath Edit

First Impressions Edit

When Stranger first arrives at the farm, he is given unwelcome and rude remarks regarding not knowing anything about the area and trying to find directions to the nearest town. When confronted by Stranger, Farmer Beeks insults him and says he does not do business with any 'strangers'. His attitude changes when he mistakes Stranger for a new security guard and hires him to protect his moolah. 


After Stranger leaves the Opple Farm and heads to Buzzarton, Meagly McGraw rose into power with his Outlaw forces and invaded the Opple Farm. With this siege, Meagly McGraw ordered his Outlaw forces to slaughter all the Clakkerz, including the whole Beeks' family. One Clakker can be seen roasting on a spit during the Meagly McGraw Boss fight, sealing their fate of being executed by the ruthless Outlaw faction. 

Description Edit

Farmer Beeks has the look of the other farmers within his farm; he wears dark green overalls with a darker colored sun hat. Beeks has a piece of wheat he is munching on as he wears an undershirt underneath his overalls. 


  • Like all Clakkerz, Farmer Beeks can be punched around infinitely without dying. He can, however, be punched underneath the large hydraulic press at the Opple Farm which, if activated, will kill him. Doing this in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD will unlock the 'Farmer Harmer' achievement.


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