Baby Chow advertisement with the obese fuzzle, Tiny

"Tired of feeding your kids 2... sometimes even 3 times a day? Packed with calories and trans-fatty acids, Baby Chow will turn your "Toddler into a Waddler" in no time! Pull up the trough, junior, 'cause it's chow time... Baby Chow time" ~ Vyykers Labs: Products

Baby Chow was a baby food additive made by Vykker's Labs. It was used to fill up babies quicker so less time could be spent feeding them. Fuzzles fed this went into morbid obesity, like Tiny. It was not a particularly successful vykker product and was insulted in Munch's Oddysee along with Humphrey's other "inventive" products.

In the archived Test a Fuzzle flash game, the Baby Chow formula was quick acting/reactive and would have been heavy in fats, calories, trans-fatty acids and carbohydrates given that it only took the test Fuzzle a few tablespoons to become obese near instantaneously.

The Baby Chow itself was a dark green and brown gruel with spheres of green tablets mixed in. It would have been filled and packaged in disposable baby bottle and dispensed in a vending machine as a quick and easy way to feed an infant on the go.


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