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Armored Sawbones, as their name implies, are Sawbones who wear advanced armor for protection in hazardous or dangerous environments.

Armored Sawbones are found late-game in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, usually at Vykkers Labs where they are most common. Due to the combination of their tough armor and high DPS from their Hack Saws, Armored Sawbones are easily the most dangerous and lethal close-combat enemies in the entire game and must be taken with extreme caution.

Nevertheless, like their unarmored brethren, Abe can possess an Armored Scientist to his advantage. When there is a Hack Saw Vendo nearby, they can upgrade themselves into the Armored Bonesaw to wreck havoc in a level.



  • Due to their insane damage over time and tough armor, it's actually better to possess an Armored Bonesaw than a Armored Shot Doc.