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Armored Bouncers are up-armored Bouncers wearing Heavy Armor and brandishing the same batons as the Slacker and Bouncer.

They were originally meant to appear in much of Munch's Oddysee, however in the final game, they would be replaced by Armored Poppers. Although they lacked ranged weapons, their tough defenses would have potentially made them dangerous enemies in the game. As such they should be countered by with Mudarchers instead of Tomahawker support.

Based on the health of an Armored Popper combined with the wooden bat of a Bouncer, they would have been a powerful close-combat combatant, only surpassed by a Vykker Armored Sawbone in pure defense and DPS.



  • Armored Bouncers didn't appear in the game even though they were in the game manual. Like many things in Munch's Odyssey, they were cut from the final game due to time constraints.