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These Big-Bro Sligs have made themselves accomplished enough that they are the highest possible rank of the Magog Cartel security force.

Armored Big-Bro Sligs are the most accomplished Sligs. As such, they wear the toughest armor in the entirety of the Magog Cartel, able to withstand a tremendous amount of firepower. Like their lesser Armored cousins, Armored Big-Bros have a glowing antenna, although they come in a group of three rather than one. It is assumed that this is to further enhance their communication radius. Armored Big-Bros appear late-game in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, they are one of the most dangerous enemies encountered in the game and extra caution must be taken due to their enhanced health and heavy firepower from their Blitz packers.

Possessing a Armored Big-Bro Slig when given the chance however, grants Abe one of the most powerful 'allies' in the game, He is essentially a tank, more so than even a regular Big-Bro Slig and can survive punishment that would fell lesser enemies. They however, share the same weakness as their unarmored kin as being slow and cumbersome to move.



  • Their goggles bears resemblance to the one worn by Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell games.