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Abe's Oddysee demo is a demo version of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. A PlayStation version was distributed with PlayStation Underground Issue 1. A standalone release was also available in Europe. The PC version was available on the old Oddworld Inhabitants website.


The demo consists of a single level: a simplified version of RuptureFarms. This version does not contain any of the secret areas and the placement of some Mudokons and other objects is different. The demo ends when Abe rescues every Mudokon or reaches the end of the level.


The PlayStation version is based off of an older build of the game, and as such, some of the mechanics are different from the full version. For example, the GameSpeak "Wait!" command is instead "Stay here".

This version of the level also includes the first three screens of Stockyard Escape, the last of which is filled with mines that explode if Abe tries to progress farther. There are 14 Mudokons in this version, one of which cannot be saved.


The PC version uses the same mechanics as the full version. There are 15 Mudokons to rescue.

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