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After press Start Game option and 1 or 2 player, we have two options next. One to the Left is "Show me What Happened", its a backstory about Abe's first adventure in the dump meat factory called "Rupture Farms". And the option on the right starts the game directly.

"Show me what Happened"

We see the Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee logo slowly appearing from a dark screen with someone telling the backstory.

Storyteller: In case you was too cheap to purchase our last game, let me tell you a bit about what happened. It was all about this Abe guy, that worked in this dump meat factory called "RuptureFarms", the place was run by "Glukkons" and they was on the verge of going out of business, they had already chopped up all the wild creatures, so now (the scene changes to show a sign saying "We didn't MEAN to do it!") they had no choice but to chop up Abe and his buddies too.

Abe screams: No..No.. No.. NOO. (biting his fingers starts to tremble).

-Storyteller: (We see a sign saying "GameSpeak!") We gave Abe the ability to Talk, so he could do the right thing and rescue his pals.

Abe: Hello..----Mudokon: Hello..

Abe: Follow me..----Mudokon: !Okay!

-Storyteller: But some people didn't care about doing the right thing.

Abe: Hello...----Mudokon: Hello... (Abe pulls the lever and the Mudokon falls, screaming)... Abe: Oops!

-Storyteller: They thought it was more fun to get them all shot..

Slig shouts "FREEZE!" and starts shooting to Abe and his pal. Slig laughs then.

-Storyteller: Or ground up. Abe: Hello..----Mudokon: Hello.. (Abe pulls the lever and he activates the Meat Saw and kills the Mudokon.) Abe: Oops!

Abe: -I don't Know- (Abe walks to the floor with mines and commits suicide. BOOM!)

-Storyteller: Or crushed. (Abe runs to the left lever and pull it. A big piece of Meat and Ribs falls and crushed the Mudokon. Abe: !!Oops!!.

-Storyteller: Or even beaten. (A Slig walks to a Mudokon and starts to hitting him, and laugh about it).

-Storyteller: Needless to say, this pissed some folks off, and they didn't lift a finger to help Abe in the end.

(In the video: The Mudokons get pissed with Abe and decide not to help him, so the Slig pulls the lever and Abe falls to the Meat-Saw screaming.) The Slig and Mullock the Glukkon start to Laugh.

-Storyteller: (We see the standard Mudokon face symbol, with the phrase "But if you were nice...") But if you was halfway decent about it, (The symbol changes to the Angry Mudokon symbol, with the words changing to "...and not a schmuck!") and tried your best to safe Abe's buddies... (Abe starts to CHANT and the two Mudokon workers get saved.)

Storyteller: (We see the Wired Mudokon symbol) The End would've been much better for Abe. And if you'd like to see it, (We see the Depressed Mudokon symbol, along with the words "Sad, but true!") you should dish out some cash, (it changes to the words "Ya cheap bastich!") and go buy the stinkin game!

Storyteller: (the last thing we see is the words "Over one million served!") Hey, we gotta eat too you know!